Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2011 you all....

Hope the new year will bring joy, happiness and prosperity to all you guys...

I realized i havent been updating my blog for many months now... me bad... been lazy :(

im gonna change all that and am gonna start back-blogging every cakes i made and categorize them properly...

U guys just wait



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i phone

its the trend... to own a blackberry of an iphone. this cake is especially for a recent iphone owner.
TQ terah, for ordering this cake his beloved brother :)

Cake is a 2.5 kg choc. cake covered in chocolate ganache. chocolate overload... YUMMY!
the icon apps are made of fondant and gumpaste while the writings are of white choc.
All the decorations are edible down to the icons :D

See you in a later post.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

cake class

Salam All.....

How have it been for you? Yesterday was 10.10.10....... THE DATE to settle down for many couples.... wedding invites, engagement parties, open house invitations to fulfill... meaning theres FOOD, FOOD and MORE FOOD! ... the effect? SLEEPY EYES on 11.10.10... ahahhaha

Anyway, I would like to tell you about this cake class i attended while i was in KL. The class was conducted by Kak Lyana of loveliana-online.blogspot.com. Kak Lyana is such a lovely lady and extremely kind... even her daughter Adinda is very chirpy and friendly... :)

I joined her intensive class which was meant to be conducted within 2 days duration. When i arrived for the first day of class, Kak Lyana asked me whether i would like to compress the whole 2 days of lessons within a day.... and i answered "SURE!"

So, Kak Lyana started the lesson with me measuring buttercream ingredients and so forth and then we start crumb coating before the actual cake decorating session.

There were 9 cakes to be done and i was all HYPED UP! *comeon aza.... takkan tgk 9 biji kek utk di decorate dah suka kot?*

12 hours later, all cakes were done. Who says baking and decorating is easy peasy? it takes time you know.... I started the day with energizer bunny energy and i returned home as limp as KIMCHI! I dont even have the strength to bring in all my cakes inside the house... i just leave them in the car for the nite...
see??? im so beat up dat i dont even care to look good in my pic... nasib baik gamba ni kecik jer from Kak Lyana's FB

Seriously...... 12 hours of lesson was so worth it. everyone loves the cakes. more, my hubby's niece and nephew *for whom i decorated a barbie cake and a ben10 cake* could not stop oooohhhh and aaaahhh-ing their cakes.... They were sooo excited and claimed it was their best cake ever... hahhaha.... kids are easy to please arent they...
balqis cant stop staring at her cake.... as i told her CAN SEE BUT NO TOUCH... and she actually listens... hahahha

learned many things and i am so excited to actually be home and bake cakes for my dear family, friends and customers :)

Till next post


Monday, September 27, 2010

Salam All.....

Its the 18th day of Syawal.... I wanted to upload several pics regarding Aidilfitri but something had been really wrong.... i seem to be unable to upload my blog... i wonder why :(

Anyway, last Aidilfitri, i baked 2 cakes for an uncle who wanted to make "kepalak meja"which roughly translates as "head of the table"... LOL....

This "kepalak meja" is actually a whole cake put on your table on 1st day of Syawal and not to be eaten untill after the 7th day of Syawal...it can only be cut on the 7th day of Syawal. So, in the mean time, guests are served with other cakes and delicacies. im totally clueless on why the oldies did this... hahhahaha...Its a tradition being carried out until the late 80s i think because i've havent seen this tradition all my life. hehehhe

As I've mentioned, my uncle ordered 2 cakes (mind you that in the old days the "kepalak meja"is usually steamed cakes/ layer cakes. no fondant as what i did for my uncle... hehe).

The first cake was for himself at his own house whilst the other was for his lawyer son who will be having many VIPs coming for raya visiting. (again, mind you, my uncle is a bit of a show off... but i still love him)
For his son, who is also my cousin, I decorated his cake with something simple minus the figurines... It took me hours to carve the SELAMAT HARI RAYA from black fondant. But overall finish was not bad *to me lah.*

My dear uncle is a joker and is dear to my family. He can talk and tell u stories for hours or till u dozed off... hahahha....His wife is a sweet lady and is very fair...
For his cake, i decided to make two figurines of them... atok and nenek... both giving out duit raya :)

Total time for me to decorate both cakes is almost 24 hours non-stop *padan muka tak ready figurines awal2*... but, i love the outcome of both cakes....

Till next post....


Sunday, September 5, 2010

selamat hari raya :D

Hye all.......

Ramadhan is coming to its end in a few short days.... Im a little sad that this year's Ramadhan seems to be passing by too quickly... I feel like im not fully utilizing this blessful month to its max... but syukur alhamdullillah, i managed to complete reciting the quran after a year of reciting the holy book... alhamdullilah....

The end of Ramadhan means the unfolding of Syawal.... Syawal is a joyful month as Muslims celebrate this month with glorious foods..... Not to mention us Sarawakian.... this mean sugar frenzy as delectable cakes and cookies will be served.... not to mention carbonated drinks... *memang sugar rush tauuu*.....

What i love best the coming together as a whole family..as for this year would be waiting for dear hubby to come home.. one big extended family will come together and gather at the eldest member of the family's house.... In my case, the first day will be the gathering of our families at my grandmothers house while the second day, my father will be swamped by his step-siblings *yess... my dad have over 12 step brothers and sisters*

Where there are people, there will be food.... my fav would be lemang and curry and of coz, kuah kacang and nasi impit... yummmssss.....

Whoopsss.... lets have a peek on what i did today... its a 25 pieces of chocolate cuppies covered in fondant for HARI RAYA!!!! The customer requested 6 figurines which made up the whole family... Enjoyyyyyy

Important elements during Hari Raya: lemang, ketupat, kek lapis and of course our orang tua (parents/ grandparents/ aunties and uncles)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

the 25 pieces of cuppies with Raya theme

Saturday, August 28, 2010

when a little boy gets greedy.....

hi uollss...... selamat menyambut ramadhan hari yang ke-17 :)

last week, an old fren of mine msg-ed yours truly thru fb asking about fondant handling tips.... after much discussion, it turned out that she was asking me all these questions because her son's birthday was around the corner.

i was all hyped out because she was planning her son's cake. i keep throwing ideas at her and the next thing i know, she wants me to make the cake. HARHAR.... i LOIKE :)

i asked her what would her son want for his cake... and she answered "he wants a helicopter cake, thomas the train cake and bob the builder cake"

hahhaa..... how greedy can a 3-year old boy can get?

sooo....not to disappoint the birthday boy, i think the best solution is as below :

there it is...... all three things that ajmil wants for his birthday :)

there is the helicopter

theres ala-thomas the train

theres the truck in bob-the-builder

and....... theres bob-the-builder and his blue cat

it was a one-and-half tier blackforest cake which weighs i think no less than 4kg.

apparently birthday boy lovess his cake so much that he kept visiting his mommy's fridge before his birthday party. cutenessss

thats all for now folks... till next post :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Salam Ramadhan :)

Today is the second day of Ramadhan... am home alone and VERY EARLY at the office. Am at the office at 630 am! WOW! usually am at the office by 9 *sheepish*

Rite, remember i told you how i was missing my lab and was experimenting with cake flavors and stuff in my last post? Well, today i'll be revealing the results!


*sorry folks... my cake looked massacred here :(*

Description: Blackforest cake (chocolate cake with cream cheese and cherry fillings)
Results : 6/6 lab rats commented that the cake is yummy.
Conclusion: YAAY!!!!


*the before and while being eaten cupcake pics*

Description: Apple cake with crumbles... vewy BRIT-ISH i must say (the haughty brit aristocrat tone)
Results : 4/7 lab rats commented that the cake is yummy.
2/7 lab rats said the cake is a little too sweet
1/7 lab rats said need more apple to add contrast to the cake sweetnes <--BRAVO!!

Conclusion: maintain recipe but needs a bit of tweaking :D


*tiramisu is truly a FEEL GOOD dessert. i personally loved this*

Description: Mousse-y feel cheesecake with coffee tang and the classic italian lady fingers!
Results : 3/7 lab rats LOVED this cake.
4/7 lab rats said the cake is good (as they are more partial to my apple crumbles)
Conclusion: excellent recipe to be kept and served during fancy2 occasions :)


*peanut butter cuppies!*

Description: peanut butter cupcakes with a little chocolaty flavor
Results : 6/6 lab rats not really are not heads over heels in love with this
Conclusion: yeah... the cake is rather bland and not peanut-y enuf. Ill be improving this recipe as it held potential. perhaps some peanut butter fillings would do the trick ;)


*cranberry crumble cake.... can u spot the cranberry?*

Description: heaps of cranberries in the cake batter with crumbles
Results : many lab rats loved this *lose count coz brought it to nina's party*
Conclusion: yeah... the cake taste is BETTER than apple crumble... but again the cranberries
rather expensive :D


*cranberries in cheesey batter-ala-mousse*

Description: since nina piled me with lots of dried cranberries, i decided to make this. cheesy mascarpone batter with cranberries.
Results : many lab rats loved this *again, i lose count coz brought it to nina's party*
Conclusion: oklaaa.... i would prefer my tiramisu though... heeeee


*orange buttercream topping and rainbow cake*

Description: Orange buttercream and rainbow cake (very my-little-pony, under-the-rainbow, dont u think?)
Results : dont really get any feedback but the cakes were gone in a blink at nina's party
Conclusion: i will make this again for fun ;D

so thats it folks... i wont be holding any more experiments during puasa... but, will be baking some raya biscuits and cakes. stay tune if u wanna know :D

note: credits to amer for some nice pics of my cake. TQ amer
credits also for nina for providing cranberries for my experiments. TQ nina.....